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Original Article I appreciated the article on concussions in the Sept. 16 Sports section. The increased awareness of these injuries has certainly benefitted the well-being of our athletes. As an athlete I have sustained concussions, as a parent I
Horizon Behavioral Health and OrthoVirginia announced an innovative partnership that aims to decrease the use of prescription opiates. Many of the people OrthoVirginia help live with pain, and for many years doctors just prescribed pain meds for
Race Week Prep: Tapering: Tapering is the idea of scaling back miles, a week or two before the race to be in top shape before entering a race. Usually, two weeks before the race one should do speed workouts and distance workouts at 75% effort. The
Let’s talk about your knee. It’s not your meniscus! Knee pain is one of the most common running injuries and one of the most common reasons people seek orthopaedic care. But, when is the right time to seek medial attention? Knee pain
How much is too much? Training is tough. The Virginia 10 Miler is one of the hardest road races in Virginia. Ramping up miles and increasing hills training is of vital importance when it comes to having a successful race. But, simply hammering out