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The Importance of Good Posture

The majority of the population now sits at a desk most of the day. Long periods of sitting make it challenging to maintain upright posture. Poor posture puts excessive strain on your spine and can cause unnecessary pain. Follow these guidelines to ensure upright posture:

  • Head should be directly over your body, not out in front
  • Shoulder blades should be slightly pulled together and your chest should raise up.
  • Keep shoulders down away from your ears so the muscles along the sides of your neck remain relaxed
  • Maintain a small curve in your low back, whether you are seated or are standing
  • If standing, engage your lower abdominal/ core muscles to support your back
  • Do not stand with both knees locked out, shift your weight from one leg to the other

Jennifer Ott, PT, MPT is the manager of Fair Oaks Physical Therapy Clinic.