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Customized Knee Implants: The Logical Choice

By: Mark C. Hartley, MD
Imagine a knee implant tailor-made to fit your unique size and shape. It’s an exciting new option we offer to patients at OrthoVirginia.
Total knee replacement is one of the most common – and most successful – surgeries performed today. But sometimes off-the-shelf implants don’t fit each patient perfectly. This can cause problems later on, such as pain, swelling and discomfort.
The ConforMIS knee replacement system eliminates sizing compromises with a made-to-measure implant. The system uses a CT scan of your knee and 3D technology to create a custom-designed implant that literally “fits like a glove.”
One satisfied patient is Tina, from Washington, DC. An active 58-year-old, Tina came to me with worsening knee pain that failed to respond to non-surgical treatment including physical therapy, and PRP and cortisone injections. ConforMIS was the right choice for her.
“It made perfect sense to me,” Tina says. “They do a CT scan and use it to make an exact replica of YOUR knee. How can it not be the best way? You wouldn’t buy a pair of pants that were too baggy – why would you settle for an implant that doesn’t fit?”
Tina’s surgery was a success and her recovery proceeded quickly. Within two weeks, she was walking normally, and within six months, she was back to all her favorite activities: spinning, weight lifting, hiking and biking.
Does she have any regrets? “Like most people, I wish I’d done it sooner,” she says. “But I feel confident knowing that my implant is most closely matched to my anatomy, unlike the generic version. For me, ConforMIS was the 100% logical choice.”
Anyone who meets the requirements for total or partial knee replacement is a candidate for a ConforMIS replacement. In fact, the technology widens the candidate pool, because it corrects for deformities and allows us to take on more complex cases.
Learn more about the ConforMIS system here.

About the Author:

A native Washingtonian, Dr. Mark Hartley developed a love for sports at a young age. After being treated by several orthopaedic physicians during his days as a basketball player, he became attracted to the ever-changing, rewarding field of orthopaedics himself. Upon earning a BA from Princeton University and an MS from Georgetown, Dr. Hartley received a medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine. He then stayed on at Georgetown University Medical Center  to complete both his surgical internship and orthopaedic residency. Before joining Commonwealth, Dr. Hartley served as Chief of the Total Joint Replacement Service at Eisenhower Army Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia, and also served as a Major and Orthopaedic Surgeon with the 350th Evacuation Hospital in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm.

Having a deep appreciation for his profession and finding great satisfaction in watching the dramatic life turnaround many of his patients experience following surgery, Dr. Hartley genuinely enjoys treating patients and positively impacting their lives. His special interests include hip and knee arthritis, joint replacement surgery, sports injuries and arthroscopic procedures. Particularly experienced with the latest in joint implants. Dr. Hartley has performed more than 2000 joint replacements, a number of them have been minimally invasive hip and knee replacements and partial knee replacements.