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Diagnosing and Treating Shoulder Pain

Dr. Ben Kittredge discusses the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder pain. Read more about shoulder pain.

Ben Kittredge, MD, practices in our Alexandria and Springfield offices.

Austin G Johns
According to research, the muscles, nerves, and structures of the shoulder recognize up to 60,000 different spacial positions and forces. It is an incredibly complex joint that performs amazing feats when functioning properly. Likewise, it can be a constant nuisance or even a game changer when not functioning properly.

Frequently shoulder injuries in athletes - SLAP tears and others - originate from some level of improper physical mechanics. After therapy, it's a great idea to make sure you train you full body to re-integrate the newly repaired structures into your old sporting habits. As the new Return to Sport Post-Rehabilitative Program Director for OrthoVirginia, I'm here to help!

Once your shoulder, or any other joint, is healthy and stable, Return to Sport will help you integrate your body so that you can get back to performing your best!

for more information about Return to Sport or how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, feel free to e-mail me at Austin.johns@orthovirginia.com
11/7/2016 1:14:54 PM

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