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Hamstring Repair

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Proximal hamstring repair is a simple procedure that involves re-attaching the hamstring tendon to the bone using suture anchors. It’s similar to rotator cuff repair, but in a location where surgeons don’t operate as much. Although proximal hamstring rupture is relatively rare, the diagnosis and surgical treatment are becoming more common as this injury is more recognized. Awareness is increasing among physicians and radiologists who know it’s a potential problem and look for it during physical exams and on MRIs.

Almost all proximal hamstring ruptures occur from an accident that creates forceful hip flexion with simultaneous knee extension. The injury is often sustained playing sports or waterskiing. Ideally, repair should be performed within the first few weeks of a rupture, so prompt diagnosis is important. Patients who wait to see a doctor, or opt for non-surgical treatment, risk problems down the road, including knee and hip weakness, sitting difficulties, deformity and sciatica. In addition delaying surgery increases the chance that the tendon will retract and the muscle will atrophy, making repair more difficult.

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