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Children and Adolescent Sports Injuries

Children and adolescents are participating in youth sports more than ever before. Many of these youth are playing in year round sports with intensive training programs. As a result, I am seeing an increased number of children and adolescents with fatigue and overuse injuries.

Read more about young athletes in the article, "The Young Athlete - Not Small Adults When It Comes to Exercise and Sress" on sportsmed.com.

David Novak, MD, specializes in sports medicine. He practices out of our Fair Oaks and Fairfax offices.
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Relies on upon what sport you play with respect to that you are so inclined to these injuries. Broken bones, torn tendons, tendinitis are really genuine. Likely the most serious injuries are blackouts and head injuries on the grounds that the mind is as yet creating in adolescence. Be that as it may, don't give this a chance to hinder you from playing sports. Played effectively, sports infrequently effect in injuries.
2/22/2017 11:57:09 PM

Austin G Johns
This article and the approaches to youth athletics discussed should be required reading for all sport coaches, and for many parents of active kids for that matter. As the Director for OrthoVirginia's Post-Rehabilitative exercise program, Return to Sport, I see way too many kids and young teens experiencing injuries they should be able to avoid with proper rest, recovery, and variability in exercise.

Competition for good teams and college exposure is fierce, but competition and exposure are not the qualities college and professional coaches look for most. Coaches are just as interested in an athlete's drive and determination as they are in that athlete's ability to perform all year. Almost all sports occur in seasons - meaning there is an off season. Having an off season is expected at all athletic levels. Continuing to play the same sport year round is damaging to anyone and particularly to a developing body. Also, traditional forms of strength training and conditioning are typically detrimental to a young person.

If your young athlete does encounter the unfortunate circumstance of injury, they will need rest, proper treatment, and proper exercise recovery. This is essential not only to recover from the injury but also to help their growing body better work as a cohesive unit. This is where Return to Sport comes in.

for more information on OrthoVirginia's Post-Rehabilitative program Return to Sport feel free to contact me at Austin.johns@orthovirginia.com
11/8/2016 12:38:42 PM

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