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  • Listen to your body! If you have pain or discomfort, stop the activity and let your parent/coach know.
  • Take time off; have at least 1 day per week dedicated to a rest day. Time off can also be between seasons, cross training during this time is a good idea.
  • Fuel your body correctly; make sure you are staying hydrated and are getting the proper nutrition.
  • Wear the right gear; make sure your gear is in good condition and fits properly.  
  • Participate in a strength training/conditioning program while in season; proper form and technique is a must when strength training.
  • Participate in a dynamic warm up prior to competition or practice.
  • Always stretch after activity.
  • Participate in an injury prevention program during the off season or preseason such as Sportsmetrics.
Additional injury prevention resources:
Lindsay Wiggins, PT, DPT
Sportsmetrics Certified