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Sports-Related Foot and Ankle Injuries on the Rise

Sometimes there is a rush to play after many foot and ankle injuries due to lack of knowledge about the different injuries by the athlete, coaches or even family members.  There is always the assumption that the injury is a minor “sprain” that does not need any medical intervention.  However, we have now learned that each injury should be evaluated individually and that the athletes should wait until the injury is healed before returning to play.  In addition, physical therapy and stretching is an important aspect of rehabilitation after an injury.  This is especially the case with ankle sprains which could result in chronic ankle instability if not fully healed and rehabilitated. To read more about foot and ankle injuries read the following excerpt from Medical News Today:

Sports-related injuries are part of the game, and as athletes are becoming stronger, faster, and better conditioned, higher-energy injuries are becoming common. Foot and ankle injuries are especially concerning because they are increasing in number and severity and are often misunderstood. read more.

Kevin C. Lutta, MD, specializing in foot and ankle injuries, practices in our Herndon office.
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