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Virginia 10 Miler Running Tips: Week 1

With the Virginia 10 Miler just 49 days away we will be sharing running tips from our Lynchburg Therapy Team every friday from now until race day! ‪#‎TenMilerTips‬ ‪#‎runningsafety‬ ‪#‎va10miler‬

Tired of running injuries? Have a goal to run a race but keep getting hurt during training? Back, hip, thigh, knee, shin, ankle, or foot, come see our running PT, Mark Henry. Mark uses a holistic approach to treat running related injuries including a structural assessment, function...al movement analysis, video analysis, shoe wear evaluation, and orthotic assessment. Mark, an avid runner himself, has completed the Lynchburg Ultramarathon series and many other Lynchburg area races. Whether you want to run 1 mile or 100 miles, Mark will work with you to break through your training barriers to get you running and keep you running. Call today to schedule an appointment and get your miles up and your pain down!

Mark Henry, DPT, PT, ATC
Lynchburg Physical Therapy