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1 Simple Golf Exercise for Increased Power

1 Simple Golf Exercise for Increased Power


One key component of a powerful golf swing is the ability to rotate through your spine, more specifically, your thoracic spine.  This is the middle portion of your spine which protects your spinal cord and connects with your ribcage. Based on the orientation of its joints, this area of your spine in is built to rotate. Unfortunately, many people develop stiffness in this area secondary to sedentary lifestyles along with sitting occupations that promote poor posture. When a golfer’s ability to rotate through their thoracic spine is reduced, not only will this result in a reduction of power, but will also increase the stress placed on your low back and shoulders , as your body looks for other ways to create power. This can lead to shoulder and low back pain. The following is instruction of a simple exercise which will help maintain and improve thoracic rotation.


-          Sit on a firm surface with upright posture and your knees bent at 90 degrees. Place your feet flat on the floor. Put a pillow or soccer ball between your inner thighs and squeeze firmly. Place your hands on the back of your head. Rotate your trunk to the right until a gentle stretch is felt. From that position, side bend (tilt) your trunk to the right until a gentle stretch is felt. Return to the original rotated position, rotate again to the right, side bend right again. Repeat this process 3 – 4 times, then switch and perform the exercise to the left. Repeat each side 3 – 4 times on a daily basis.  Do not perform if painful, and if so, you may want to get your back examined by a health professional.

Jeff Diepold, DPT

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