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Is Soccer a Safe Sport

Soccer, by far the world’s most popular sport, has grown in popularity in the United States dramatically among youth, adults and spectators over the last three decades.

Read more about why I believe that this is a relatively safe sport with the vast majority of injuries being minor.

Brantley P. Vitek, Jr., MD

For more information on Dr. Vitek, read his bio on our website.

A football is a great sport. We must to know that in this game was a philosophy.
2/23/2017 2:43:49 AM

Austin G Johns
As the Return to Sport Post-Rehabilitative Program Director for OrthoVirginia, I'm biased in that I believe all sports are good for children. The lessons learned in teamwork, fair play, competition, and leadership will last them a lifetime if not define their life.

There are inherent risks to all sport and physical activities, however - as there is risk to stepping out your front door every day (or even not doing so). Proper coaching teaches not only how to play a game but also the techniques needed to keep bodies safe - young and old. As a 22 year soccer player, I am well acquainted with the potential for injury in the sport. I received quite a few. But the most important things I did for my injury was not quit soccer, it was attend to them and recover from them properly - seeking medical advice when necessary and seeking strong skills and techniques from talented coaches.

Physical symmetry and balance are paramount in athletics and the rigors of sports tend to pull our bodies out of symmetry. Regaining this symmetry helps recover from and prevent injury from all kinds of sports, including soccer.

for more information about Return to Sport or how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, feel free to e-mail me at Austin.johns@orthovirginia.com
11/4/2016 11:32:16 AM

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