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Benefit of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Spinal Fusion 03/27/2013  
Cost of Spinal Disorders 02/28/2013  
Safety Concerns with Bone Graft for Spinal Surgery 01/10/2013  
Do Metal Implants in the Spine Set Off Airport Security? 12/31/2012  
Combat-Related Spine Trauma in the War on Terror 11/14/2012  
First Report Comparing Spine Injuries During War on Terror 11/14/2012  
BMP is NOT Safe for All Fusion Patients 10/17/2012  
Rare But Important Risk After Spine Surgery 09/27/2012  
The Cost Of Other Health Problems After Spinal Surgery 06/20/2012  
The Effect of Extreme Obesity on Spinal Fusions 06/14/2012  
Patterns of Use of Spinal Injections Among Privately Insured Patients 03/15/2012  
Canadian Study Reveals True Measure of Problems After Spine Surgery 02/29/2012  
Cement Leakage More Likely With Severe Vertebral Compression Fractures 11/23/2011  
Does Having Scoliosis Mean I Will Also Get Osteoporosis? 10/12/2011  
Complications with New Method of Spinal Fusion 10/12/2011  
Biologic Therapies for Aging Discs 09/28/2011  
Does a Disk Herniation Spell the End of a Pitching Career? 08/31/2011  
Questions Raised About Bone Substitute for Lumbar Spine Fusion 08/24/2011  
Neurologic Safety of Spinal Deformity Surgery 07/28/2011  
Back Pain As a Risk Factor For Suicide 05/12/2011  
Tools to Predict Return-To-Work After Disabling Injuries 04/25/2011  
Chronic Arthritis in Children 03/24/2011  
Improving Treatment with Neuromonitoring During Spinal Surgery 01/12/2011  
Spinal Surgeons Offer Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Dural Tears 09/29/2010  
What Do the Experts Have to Say About Invasive Treatment for Chronic Back Pain? 01/14/2010  
Intraoperative Navigation Good Tool for Spinal Stabilization Surgery 12/31/2009  
A New Concept in Spine Research: Response Shift Phenomena 12/22/2009  
X-rays No Longer Needed to Guide Nerve Blocks 12/10/2009  
Synovial Cyst of the Spine: What Is It? 11/19/2009  
Does Type of Bone Graft Used in Spinal Fusion Increase Risk of Infection? 11/19/2009  
Lower Rate of Infection with Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery 10/15/2009  
Spine Surgeons Practice Regarding Preoperative Osteoporosis Screening 08/26/2009  
When Spinal Fusion Fails: What's Next? 08/20/2009  
Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty: How Are They Holding Up? 07/23/2009  
Actual Cost of Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain 06/11/2009  
Do Bone Graft Substitutes Cause an Allergic Response? 05/21/2009  
Conservative Surgery Spares Bowel and Bladder Function 05/13/2009  
Trigger Point Therapy: Is It Safe? Does It Work? 12/31/2008  
Arguments Against Biopsychosocial Model of Spine Care 12/11/2008  
Index for Spine Surgery May Be Helpful When Deciding Surgical Approach 11/26/2008  
Physicians Should Keep in Mind Possibility of Butterfly Vertebrae 11/26/2008  
Importance of Recognizing Back Pain that Requires Specialized Care 11/20/2008  
Spinal Cord Stimulation Reduces Pain From Failed Back Surgery 11/13/2008  
Surgery For Adult Scoliosis: When and Why 10/23/2008  
No Need for Bone Graft in Spinal Fusion 10/14/2008  
Patient Activation Related to Adherence to Physical Therapy After Spine Surgery 10/14/2008  
Preventing Fall Related Vertebrtal Fractures 08/28/2008  
Needle Size and Imaging Used in Percutaneous Biopsies of the Spine 08/21/2008  
Understanding and Treating De-Novo Scoliosis in Adults 08/14/2008  
What Do We Know About "Failed Back Surgery Syndrome"? 06/12/2008  
Debate About Optimal Care for Spinal Fractures 05/15/2008  
Preventing Paralysis From Falls Out of Hunting Tree Stands 05/15/2008  
Comparing Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty for Vertebral Compression Fractures 05/15/2008  
Back Pain Is Unrelated to Age 04/18/2008  
The History of Spinal Disease in Medicine 04/18/2008  
Don't Depend on Patients Health Report After Motor Vehicle Accidents 04/10/2008  
Complaints of the Arm, Neck, and/or Shoulder Common in the Open Population 04/10/2008  
Best Way to Monitor Neurologic Function During Cervical Spine Surgery 03/20/2008  
Surgeons Advised to Avoid Presence-or-Absence Method for Intraoperative Monitoring 03/13/2008  
A friend of mine at work has suggested I try an intense training program he went through in order to get back to work after a long bout of low back pain. Our insurance doesn't cover it. He assures me it was worth it. Is something like this really worth the money? 03/13/2008  
Preventing Infections After Spinal Surgery 01/24/2008  
Test of Spinal Mobility Called Into Question 01/17/2008  
EMF As a Cause of Metal Implant Failure in Spinal Fusion 01/17/2008  
Performing Surgical Treatment for Congenital Scoliosis and Intraspinal Deformity at the Same Time Appears to Be Safe Option 12/27/2007  
Finding a Substitute for Autologous Bone Graft 11/21/2007  
Identification of Target Sign and Diagnosis of Schwannomas 11/15/2007  
Risk Factors and Complications After Posterior Fusion for Scoliosis 10/11/2007  
Evidence Lacking for Treatment of Adult Scoliosis 09/27/2007  
Predicting Results With Neuroreflexotherapy for Neck and Back Pain 08/16/2007  
Untreatable Pain From Osteoporosis Fractures May Be Controlled with Constant Morphine Injection to Spine 07/12/2007  
Identifying Schwannomatosis in Patients with Multiple Tumors 06/28/2007  
New Model for Treatment Decisions in Cancer Patients with Spinal Tumors 06/28/2007  
Review of Current Bone Graft Materials 06/28/2007  
Data Collection Needed for Less Common Cancers 06/21/2007  
Injection With Cement Compound Reduces Pain, Improves Function in Patients With Vertebral Compression Fractures 05/31/2007  
Case Report of Rare Spinal Tumor 05/10/2007  
Obesity Linked to Problems in Spine Surgery 04/12/2007  
Chronic Pain Patients Need a Breakthrough 01/11/2007  
Rare Complication After Spinal Surgery 12/28/2006  
Protocol For Treating Spinal Metastases After Tumor Removal 12/28/2006  
Review of Treatment Options for Osteoporotic Spine Fractures 10/26/2006  
Update on Treatment of Spondyloarthropathy 10/12/2006  
Spinal Cord Stimulation Hardware: The Next Generation 09/14/2006  
Measuring the Benefit of Neck or Back Surgery 09/14/2006  
Cost of Adverse Events with Spinal Cord Stimulation 09/14/2006  
Physical Therapists Increase Use of Spinal Manipulation for Back Pain 08/17/2006  
Sagittal Rotation Leads to Sagittal Translation in Ankylosing Spondylitis 06/29/2006  
Right Patient, Right Site, Right Surgery 05/25/2006  
Unusual Case of Spinal Synovial Cyst 05/18/2006  
Update on the Source of Facet Joint Pain 05/18/2006  
New and Improved Treatment for Spinal Arthritis 03/15/2006  
Spine Surgeries on the Rise in the U.S. 03/10/2006  
Routine Lab Test After Disc Removal Advised 02/28/2006  
Core Stability: What is It? 10/20/2005  
Medical or Alternative Treatment for Back Pain? 08/30/2005  
Simple Approach to Simple Back Pain: Simply Exercise 08/30/2005  
Advice or Exercise? The Low-Cost Way to Stabilize Your Back 07/15/2005  
Of Muscles, Posture, and Back Pain 07/14/2005  
New Report on Safety of Kyphoplasty 07/14/2005  
Recovery after First-Time Back Pain 07/12/2005  
Treating Chronic Back Pain: What Works Best? 07/12/2005  
Getting to the Center of Back Pain 06/24/2005  
Disc Removal: Some or All? 06/21/2005  
The Long and The Short of Spinal Fusion 06/20/2005  
Don't Bend and Lift after Sitting for Hours 06/17/2005  
Back Pain Electric 04/25/2005  
Predicting Future Episodes of Back Pain 04/22/2005  
Equating Satisfaction and Results after Spine Fusion Surgery 04/22/2005  
Is 80 Too Old for Back Surgery? 04/22/2005  
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Opens Up Options 04/21/2005  
Follow-up on Total Disc Replacement 04/19/2005  
Trunk Exercises With and Without a Swiss Ball: Does It Make a Difference? 04/14/2005  
Back Pain in Alpine Ski Instructors 04/14/2005  
Update on Artificial Disc Replacement 04/11/2005  
Summary of Findings Using Prolotherapy for Chronic Back Pain 12/14/2004  
Artificial Disc Compared to Spine Fusion 11/16/2004  
Whiplash Injury Treated by Physical Therapy 11/16/2004  
Spinal Discs under Pressure 10/11/2004  
Report on Back Pain in the Netherlands 08/10/2004  
Back Pain among Homemakers 08/10/2004  
Regaining Confidence Despite Chronic Back Pain 08/10/2004  
A Stable Spine Is a Healthy Spine 08/10/2004  
Facing the Fear of Back Pain Head On 08/10/2004  
Cracking the Code for Improved Healing of Spondylolysis 08/10/2004  
National Trends in Health Care for Back Pain 05/12/2004  
There's More to Back Pain than Pain in the Back 05/12/2004  
Back Pain: It's Not Just For Adults 05/12/2004  
Looking Closely at the Muscles along the Spine 05/12/2004  
The Link between Back Pain and Old Age 05/12/2004  
Gunshot Fragments Can Lead to Lead Poisoning 05/12/2004  
Boeing Test Model Used to Measure Results of Spinal Fusion 05/12/2004  
Kids, Backpacks, and Back Pain 03/31/2004  
Blood Clots and Spine Surgery 03/31/2004  
Ouch! The Health Care Costs of Back Pain 03/15/2004  
More Clues to Back Pain in Adults 03/15/2004  
Back Protection when Faced with Sudden and Shifting Loads 03/15/2004  
Bothered by Back Pain 03/15/2004  
A Shot in the Back for Back Pain 03/15/2004  
Three Cases of Paralysis after Lumbar Surgery 03/15/2004  
Fixing Severe Spine Fractures in Aging Adults 03/15/2004  
Low Back Pain and Physical Activity in an Israeli Town 03/15/2004  
Animal Model Used to Study Disc Degeneration in Humans 03/15/2004  
Novel Use of Titanium Cages for Spine Reconstruction Surgery 03/15/2004  
Mind and Body Matters for Getting Back to Work after Neck or Back Pain 11/30/2003  
Comparing Thought and Action in Patients with Low Back Pain 11/30/2003  
Bringing Home the Back Pain 11/30/2003  
First Trial of Radiation to Reduce Scar Tissue around Spinal Nerves 11/30/2003  
Spine Operations by Orthopedic Surgeons 11/30/2003  
Total Disc Replacement Replaces Spinal Fusion When All Else Fails 11/30/2003  
Early Results of Total Disc Replacement Reported 11/30/2003  
Pulsed or Thermal Radiofrequency for Back Pain? 11/11/2003  
Fitting the Worker to the Workplace 11/11/2003  
Comparing Spine Fusion with and without Growth Factors 11/11/2003  
Which is Worse: Neck Pain, Arm Pain, or Both? 11/11/2003  
Bracing for Scoliosis: 22 Years down the Road 11/11/2003  
Activity Not Linked to Back Pain in Kids 11/11/2003  
New Imaging Method May Someday Make Spine Surgery Easier 11/11/2003  
Nicotine's Effect on the Disc 11/11/2003  
Measuring Your Exertion while Exercising 11/11/2003  
Smoking, Obesity, and Your Back 10/12/2003  
A Review of Studies Using Radiofrequency for Neck and Back Pain 10/12/2003  
Pumping Up the Spine 10/12/2003  
Cementing the Spine 10/12/2003  
New Memory Coiling Spiral Replaces Center of Disc 10/12/2003  
Not All Disc Replacements Are Alike 10/12/2003  
Creative Surgical Solutions to Painful Back Problems 10/12/2003  
Computers and Medical Research 10/12/2003  
CT Scan Gives Insider View of Spinal Fusion 10/12/2003  
New Spinal Injection Treatment for Low Back Pain 07/30/2003  
Taking Sides on Low Back X-rays 07/30/2003  
Understanding the Risks of a New Treatment for Back Pain 07/30/2003  
Preventing Soccer Injuries May be a Stretch 02/26/2003  
Two Words to Help Back Pain: Exercise, Exercise 01/30/2003  
Seek-and-Destroy Mission for Facet Joint Pain 01/30/2003  
Traffic Crashes Can Be Hazardous to the Spine 01/14/2003  
Charging Up the Spine after Fusion Surgery 12/24/2002  
Joint Looseness May Explain Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy 12/24/2002  
Gender Differences Make a Difference when Lifting 12/20/2002  
Absorbing the Newest Breakthroughs in Spine Fusion 11/19/2002  
Benchmark Results Obtained to Compare the Success of Spine Fusion 11/19/2002  
Cagey New Spine Fusion Techniques Packed for Success 11/19/2002  
As If AS Isn't Enough 09/18/2002  
Back Off Smoking 07/31/2002  
Expect Less and Get More after Back Surgery 07/31/2002  
Posture Perfect 06/27/2002  
When Infection Affects the Spine 06/25/2002  
Breathe, and Lift 06/25/2002  
Get a Trade-in for Your Old, Worn-out Disc 06/17/2002  
Back Pain Got You Down? 06/14/2002  
Desktop or Laptop? Some Body-Friendly Advice for Computer Users 05/20/2002  
Pulling the Plug on Electrical Stimulation for Low Back Pain? Not Yet 04/30/2002  
Osteoarthritis Versus Osteoporosis: Researchers Have a Bone to Pick 03/12/2002  
Short but True: The Real Reason We Lose Height with Age 03/12/2002  
Early Education Reduces Back Pain in Children 03/12/2002  
A Bad Back in the Saddle 07/17/2001  
For Elders, Lifting Can Be a Real Pain in the Back 05/21/2001  
Biting the Bullet to Avoid Going under the Knife 05/14/2001  
Finding the Balance between Surgery and Conservative Treatment for Disc Herniation 04/26/2001  
For Back and Neck Pain, an Ounce of Prevention Is Worth--Almost Nothing? 04/26/2001  
Getting the Straight Story on Scoliosis Surgery 04/26/2001  
The TLSO Brace Puts a Halt to Progressive Spinal Curves of Scoliosis 04/26/2001  
The Foundations of Back Pain 03/22/2001  
Cracking the Thin Shell Surrounding the Causes of Adolescent Scoliosis 03/22/2001  
Sucking the Life into Spine Wounds 03/22/2001  
Putting the Squeeze on Old Yeller's Discs 03/14/2001  
Surgery or No Surgery? That Is the Question 02/28/2001  
The "Eyes" Have It 02/28/2001  
New Thoughts to Keep Back Problems from Becoming Chronic 02/21/2001  
Making Butts about Smoking Improves the Chance Smokers Will Quit 02/21/2001  
Slipping Back in Time to Keep Spines from Slipping Forward 02/21/2001  
Quitters Never Win--Except for Smokers Who Need Spine Fusion Surgery 02/21/2001  
Back Surgery, the Movie--Coming Soon to a Surgeon's Office Near You 02/15/2001  
Spines at Risk: Snowboarders Versus Skiers 02/15/2001  
When Getting Back Patients Back to Work, Function Comes before Pain 00/00/0000  
MRI in the Operating Room: Seeing Is Believing, But Is It Worth the Effort? 00/00/0000  
News Flash after the Hot Flash: Estrogen Replacement Is Linked to Back Pain in Postmenopausal Women 00/00/0000  
Teens and Exercise: Movement Skills Help Determine Whether Kids "Just Do It" 00/00/0000  
Smokers: Don't Read This 00/00/0000  
Obesity and Back Problems: Connecting the Dots 00/00/0000  
It Takes a Village to Carry a Backpack 00/00/0000  
Most Likely to See a Chiropractor: Educated White Women Win 00/00/0000  
The Sixth Sense of Back Pain 00/00/0000  
Rib Bone Connected to the . . . Tailbone? 00/00/0000  
Fragile Breakthrough: Spine Clinics Urged to Combat Osteoporosis 00/00/0000  
Finding Familiar Treatments for Unfamiliar Sources of Back Pain 00/00/0000  
Strength in Numbers for Successful Spinal Fusion 00/00/0000  
Putting the Screws to Scoliosis Surgery 00/00/0000  
Back Bones Send a Painful Message 00/00/0000  
Why Do More Women Than Men Suffer Back Pain? Blame It on the Stork 00/00/0000  
Lumbar Fusion Can Be a Pain in the Sacroiliac 00/00/0000  
Making Sense of Joint Sense in the Low Back 00/00/0000  
Making Exercise Attractive for People with Ankylosing Spondylitis 00/00/0000  
An Injured Disc's Effect on the Spinal Nerve 00/00/0000  
Comparing Two Diseases Affecting Bones: Osteoporosis and Spine Osteoarthritis 00/00/0000  
Spines of Pregnant Women Are Slow to Recover 00/00/0000  
Are Kids Packing Future Back Pain? 00/00/0000  
Experimenting with Cement for Lumbar Fusion 00/00/0000  
Still Searching for Results of Total Disc Replacement 00/00/0000  
Spine Bones Get a Boost from Electric Current 00/00/0000  
New Discovery Aids Spinal Fusion 00/00/0000  
Getting to the Nerve Root of Spinal Pain 00/00/0000  
Effect of Spinal Fusion on the Rest of the Spine 00/00/0000  
Spine Loads During Lifting: Gender Matters 00/00/0000  
Aging Spines Speak to the Realities of "Pars Defects" in the Low Back 00/00/0000  
School Kids' Backpacks May Not Carry the Blame for Back Pain 00/00/0000  
Back Pain and Backpacks 00/00/0000  
The Future of Disc Transplantation 00/00/0000  
Spinal Fusion Using Gene Therapy 00/00/0000  
Drugs, Acupuncture, or Manipulation for Back Pain? 00/00/0000  
Returning to Work after Severe Back Pain 00/00/0000  
Back Pain in College Rowers 00/00/0000  
The Many Sides to Work-Related Back Pain 00/00/0000  
Predicting Results of Epidural Injections for Sciatica 00/00/0000  
A Measure of Patient Satisfaction after Back Surgery 00/00/0000  
Back Pain in the Golden Years 00/00/0000  
Oink if you Love a Stable Spine 00/00/0000  
Another Matrix Reloaded: New Treatment for Damaged Discs 00/00/0000  
Case Report of a Rare Spinal Injury 00/00/0000  
Getting Kids Back to Health with Physical Activity 00/00/0000  
Positive Encouragement, Usual Care, or Both after Disc Surgery? 00/00/0000  
Finding and Treating the Cause of Back-Related Testicular Pain 00/00/0000  
Golfers, Learn to Backhand Back Pain 00/00/0000  
Effects of Smoking on Rehab for Chronic Back Pain 00/00/0000  
Remedy for Feeling Less Back Pain than You Bargained For 00/00/0000  
When Less is More for Rating Low-Back Impairment 00/00/0000  
The Pressure of Handling Sudden, Heavy Loads 00/00/0000  
The Second Coming of Back Pain 00/00/0000  
Getting to the Core of Back Pain 00/00/0000  
Quality of Life Improved with Vertebroplasty in Frail Elderly 00/00/0000  
Creepy Findings about Repetitive Use of the Spine 00/00/0000  
Surgeons Review Early Results of Disc Replacements 00/00/0000  
New Findings about Spondylolysis in Young Athletes 00/00/0000  
Teenagers, Spine Fusion, and Heavy Metals 00/00/0000  
Doctors Review Scoliosis-Related Web Sites 00/00/0000  
Review of New Bone Substitute for Vetebral Fractures 00/00/0000  
Controlling Back Pain with Change in Attitude and Behavior 00/00/0000  
A Working Definition of Disc Degeneration 00/00/0000  
Three New Alternatives to Spinal Fusion 00/00/0000  
MRI Detects Spinal Tuberculosis 00/00/0000  
Using Vacuum-Assisted Closure with Spinal Wound Infections 00/00/0000  
VAC System Used to Treat Spinal Wound Infection 00/00/0000  
Greater Improvement in Neck and Back Pain After Naprapathic Therapy 00/00/0000  
Update Alert: ASIPP Releases 2007 Pain Management Guidelines 00/00/0000  
Patients with Chronic Lower Back Pain Just as Active as People without Back Pain 00/00/0000  
Calcium Crystal Deposits in the Disc 00/00/0000  
When Surgery is Valuable for Herniated Disc 00/00/0000  
Should Spinal Fusion Be Done in One or Two Stages? 00/00/0000  
Long-Term Results of Treatment for Burst Type Spinal Fractures 00/00/0000  
Most Common Cause of Disability: Neck and Back Pain 00/00/0000  
Modified Pfirrman Grading System 00/00/0000  
Standarization of Back Pain Definitions 00/00/0000  
Predictors of Acute Neck and Back Pain Progression to Chronicity and Disability 00/00/0000  
Management Strategies for Rheumatic Disorders 00/00/0000  
Success of Repeated Percutaneous Vertebroplasty 00/00/0000  
Backs and Beds 00/00/0000  
One-Minute, 12-Item Health Survey to Measure Effect of Treatment 00/00/0000  
Effect of Aquatic Exercise on Pain 00/00/0000  
Whole Spine Imaging Study of Contortionists 00/00/0000  
Spinal Osteochondroma: Spectrum of a Rare Disease 00/00/0000  
Spine Surgery For Achondroplasia 00/00/0000  
Vertebral Compression Fractures - Kyphoplasty or Conservative Care in the Older Patient 00/00/0000  
Gender, Osteoporosis and Vertebral Compression Fractures 00/00/0000  
Low-Molecular Weight Heparin Best to Prevent Thromboembolism After Spine Surgery 00/00/0000  
New, Targeted Therapies for Arthritis 00/00/0000  
Spinal Osteotomies Providing Good Functional Outcomes 00/00/0000  
Updates From the Orthopedic Spine World 00/00/0000  
Five Key Questions in Diagnosing and Treating Ankylosing Spondylitis 00/00/0000  
Clinical Guideline for Antibiotic Prophylaxis Effective Tool for Surgeons 00/00/0000  
Patterns of Spine Fracture From Car Accidents 00/00/0000  
Bracing After Spine Surgery: Is It Really Needed? 00/00/0000  
Recalls on Donor Bone Tissue 00/00/0000  
Affected Chromosomal Spot Located in Males with Familial Idiopathic Scoliosis 00/00/0000  
Surgeons Solve the Dilemma of Classifying Thoracolumbar Spinal Fractures 00/00/0000  
A Major Summary of Findings About Spinal Surgery Recommendations 00/00/0000  
Surgery for Spinal Cord Injuries: What's the Best Timing? 00/00/0000  
Results of New Surgery for Adults with Scoliosis 00/00/0000  
Monitoring Spinal Function During Spine Surgery 00/00/0000  
Care of Soldiers on the Battlefield with Possible Spinal Cord Injuries 00/00/0000  
Update on Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 00/00/0000  
Recent Explosive Growth Seen in Number of Spinal Procedures 00/00/0000  
Making the Decision About Spinal Surgery Based on Risk for Complications 00/00/0000  
New Scoring System to Predict Need for Multiple Surgeries for Spinal Infection 00/00/0000  
Returning to the Operating Room After Spinal Surgery 00/00/0000  
Neck and Back Pain: How Much Is It Costing Us? 00/00/0000